Friday, July 8, 2011


If you are reading this you I would suggest you go back to my earlier posts to catch up on where I am coming from!
Much to my surprise the period after our last left for college was wonderful! Don't get me wrong it was weird just being the two of us again, and I did miss the kids, BUT my husband and I quickly fell into a new routine. We actually had time to talk and rediscover each other. We found out that we liked each other as much as when we first met those 25 years before, and that we still enjoyed each other's company! We decided to embark on some activities that we didn't have time for in the past due to children related obligations. Our first, and continuing adventure was to discover the many vineyards on the Connecticut wine trail. I discovered that this area is rich in resources and produces some fabulous wines. We tasted, talked, built up quite a wine collection, and just completely enjoyed each others company!
It is very interesting, but our youngest's perception was that we were drowning our sorrow in alcohol, when in fact the wine was secondary. What in fact we were doing was rediscovering ourselves outside of the role of mommy and daddy, and adding a new layer onto who were were as individuals and as a couple.

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  1. This is so great and gives me hope for when my youngest leaves for college. I might just have to explore those vineyards myself!