Friday, July 8, 2011

Reflections (cont)

I was all of a sudden filled with questions, fear and most importantly doubt. Would my son adjust well to college life and being away from home?, what would I do with my free time? and the biggest question was after 20 years of being parents and having the majority of our time centered around our children, did my husband and I have anything in common anymore?
We dropped our son off in Rhode Island, and surprisingly not a tear was shed. In fact I truly believe that our son couldn't wait for us to go, so he could be off to start this new independent chapter of his life. From there we zipped up to Boston to have a brief visit and dinner with our daughter. On our way home I was filled with mixed emotions. I looked at my husband of 23+ years and felt like I was on a first date- the feelings of uncertainty filled me. The sense of loss of my children's innocence as they rapidly maneuvered their way into adulthood. "how could this be happening?" I felt as if I had gone to sleep and they were toddlers at my feet, and woke up and they were two bright, worldly young adults. I was excited for them, while at the same time trying to deal with my own (however selfish) loss.

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